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Our standards span industries, connecting businesses of all kinds so they can communicate, share data and perform transactions. Here are some of the sectors within which we work.

No matter where your business is based or what you do, establishing a common language with customers, suppliers and partners makes it easier to get things done. We work closely with our members to build standards that work for them. These are some of the main sectors in which our standards are applied:

GS1 Industry Retail

GS1 standards lie at the heart of efficient 'just in time' systems. Retailers can track products at every stage of the supply chain, meeting changing consumer demands with minimal waste and maximum cash flow.

GS1 Industry Healthcare

Standards play a key role in delivering exceptional care and maintaining patient safety. From monitoring patient medication to ensuring optimal use of critical resources like MRI scanners, GS1 standards are helping to revolutionise healthcare services.

GS1 Industry Transport and Logistics
Transport and logistics

How do you make sure things are in the right place at the right time, and then communicate the status to customers? GS1 standards provide a framework for real-time tracking, traceability and supply chain optimisation.

Technical Industries
Technical Industries

GS1 Standards for identifying, capturing and sharing information about things (products, parts, components and assets), business locations, documents and more, enable these industries to achieve true supply chain visibility and life cycle management.

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